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Quickfish Creations makes very unique custom dolphin jewelry, our "Signature Fluke Pendants." Each dolphin or black diamond rings has a different fluke (tail) that is as individual as our fingerprints. Most flukes have nicks around the edges and varied identifying marks, and some are quite symmetrical. Terri Miller will design, by hand, dolphin tails jewelry to look exactly the same as the dolphin or whale flukes that reside at your facility. A photograph of each dolphin's tail is used to replicate that into dolphins flukes pendants made of silver or gold.

Quickfish's specialties are dolphin tail jewelry and creating designs with the larimar stone. They are sold in gift stores, through organizations, and to individuals. They are very popular. We make them for many one carat diamond ring facilities around the world. You can "Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart".Most items are available in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, or 18K white gold. We offer personalized service, use high-quality metals and high vibrational larimar gemstones. We offer wholesale prices to Gift stores and dolphin facilities. Dolphin trainers will also get a special pricing.

Terri's love of dolphins and whales inspired the idea to create custom fluke pendants so you may Wear Your Memory Close To Your Heart. The marine life jewelry such as the Manatee and Humpback Whale designs were inspired by the love of the sea.

Quickfish Creations makes custom dolphin fluke pendants that we call "signature dolphin flukes" for many gift stores, organizations and dolphin lovers around the world. They are beautiful replicas of your favorite dolphin or whale tail cast into gold or silver. This is a very unique item, exclusive to your store. They are also made for dolphin trainers and whale trainers.

The Larimar Gem Stone is a Jewel of the Caribbean. Shades of color will vary from rich deep blue to sky blue tones with white or even shades of green. It's reminiscent of the sun light playing on the ocean. Many people have experienced larimar's extraordinary powers and have said they feel love and peace emitting from this beautiful stone. Also, many of the larger gemstones have what appears to be an angel in them.

Guy and whales happen to be showing an all natural interest and curiosity towards one another given that they grew to become natural neighbors. With the years, they've many userful stuff here from one another. As an indication of respect and adoration, humans happen to be exhibiting it by putting on dolphin jewellery.

Is dolphin jewellery worn only to look great?Really, dolphin jewellery isn't worn only to look great or since you are considered a "dolphin lover". Actually, whales will always be viewed as a symbolic creature since both humans and whales happen to be living alongside of one another.Native tribes always respected Mother Character in each and every way and one of these was by putting on a symbolic charm of certainly one of her animals.

Whales happen to be worn to create luck and fertility upon the main one putting on its symbolic charm. It had been frequently offered to some youthful handful of bride and groom to make sure fertility along with a family within the not too distant future.